Monday, April 8, 2013

Crafty Sisters Mother's Day Bouquet

Hello from Crafty Sisters!  We are hosting Wood You Like To Craft this month and thought that
"Mother's Day" was a good theme to inspire us!  We are so excited to share with you just in time for Mother's Day this fun personalized Wooden Flower Bouquet!

Our Mom has each of her children's 8 year old pictures framed and even uses them as contact pictures on her phone.  Our folks have been busy recording all our old home videos off onto DVD so they are especially sentimental right now.  We knew this project would be perfect for her!
This project is pretty easy and inexpensive to make, all you'll need is:
Flower shapes cut from 1/2" Mdf (ours are 4- 4 1/2" in size)
12" long 1/4" dowels
2x2" blocks to anchor the dowels into
Glue/glue gun
2" pictures
A vase to put them in with some candy filler (this is for Dad to snack on and so he doesn't feel left out!)

All you need to do is paint, paper and embellish the flowers.  Make sure your dowels are glued in and dry before you start to assemble them!
A great tip we use when we are drilling into flowers or smaller shapes is to tape off the depth with a piece of masking tape on the drill bit tip.  It's a great guide and it comes off easy when you are done!
Floral foam isn't strong enough to hold up the weight of these flowers so using some scrap 2x2" wood
we hot glued them together to fit into the vase and then drilled the holes at desired angles to hold the flowers in. You'll also use the glue gun to glue them to the bottom of your vase for stability.  Make sure to leave enough room around the sides for your treats to fill in.
We did a few extra dowels with leaves cut from the Cricut to add in as fluff around the flowers and then printed out a cute saying we tied on with a ribbon for the front.
We just know our Mom is going to love it~this is her sneak peek!:)  We're even more excited we got it done a month in advance!  Stay tuned to see what the Krystal, Wendy & Melinda have to share!


Krystal said...

That is seriously adorable!!! Any mom would love it! I'm totally going to have to add it to my to do list. Great job!

Wendy@Craft Goodies said...

I love the pictures! Such a fun way to celebrate and remember...