Here is what you can expect during the Wood you like to craft? event.

First Monday of the month-  Host blog will showcase the craft and give the full tutorial.
Tuesday through Thursday- Guest posts from the other three blogs sharing their take on the craft.
Friday- Link party opens so you can share your creation too.
The link party will be open through the following week to give everyone time to get their craft done.
Following Sunday-  Feature post from the link party and a sneak peak of next months craft.

Host Schedule

March- Melinda @ Under My Umbrella
April- Krystal @ Sassy Sanctuary
May- Candace and Nicole @ Crafty Sisters
June- Wendy @ Craft Goodies
July-- Melinda @ Under My Umbrella
August- Krystal @ Sassy Sanctuary
September- Candace and Nicole @ Crafty Sisters
October- Wendy @ Craft Goodies