Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Lollipop Tree

Hello from Crafty Sisters!
You know how we love us some Halloween crafts
so we couldn't resist putting together something for Wood You Like To Craft
that had some Halloween flair and Halloween Candy!

It's a Halloween Lollipop Countdown Tree!

Trust us, this is one you'll want to make for the kiddos
and it's super easy too!
Make sure to check back on Monday October 4th for the full tutorial!
In the mean time start gathering your supplies!
2 1x2" 8' long boards
1 36" long 5/16" threaded rod cut to 31 1/2"
2 locking nuts 5/16" size
9 1" wooden beads
1 4" piece of 4" fence post
optional witch feet or a larger base
 31 funky lollipops
black, orange & white craft paint

We are so excited to see what everyone creates!
Make sure to join in
and Come Craft With Us!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Button Winners!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined in and built shelves with us this month!  I just love shelves and how different they all can be.  Here are a few of my favorites from the party.

Stare if you must built her own built-in shelves.  I know! This spot use to be a window before a room was added on it got sheet-rocked over  So Felicia ripped out the sheet-rock and built the shelves to fit the space.  Amazing job!  It looks incredible Felicia!

Lyndsey from Lyndsey's Craft Spot built photo gallery shelves from Ana White's Plan.  This particular project is also on my to-do list so its a ton of fun seeing how someone else did them.  I love her arrangement too.  The best part though, a $5 price tag!

Bloom in Color created this beauty of a shelf for her son.  She was inspired by Pottery Barn, but hers is better!  I love that she cut the side pieces herself.  Way to go!

And finally, the winner of our "Top Cut" goes too....

Sweet Suite 10 who made this bathroom shelf!  I love the great use of space here and that her shelf extends the counter top, but the reason it wins top cut is the sheer genius of using a cutlery tray to make the drawer.  Brilliant!

Thanks for all the inspiration and to all those who participated.  If you were featured you can grab a button HERE.
Next month the Crafty Sisters will be leading us in a fun Halloween Project.  More on that to come!  See ya then!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Re-cap and Link Party!

Holy Tomoly!  I'm loving this month's shelves!  I think the great thing about shelves is that they can go in so many different directions.  They all turned out so different but each one just blew me away.  In case you missed it, I kicked things off this week with my bathroom mason jar shelf.

Wendy created an adorable cubby shelf to help harness runaway shoes.  What a smart idea!  I love the color and numbers!  I think this would also be great in a bedroom or playroom for toys!

Melinda created a beautiful barn door shelf in memory of her grandfather.  What a beautiful keep sake!  I love the patina from the old pallet.  After this posted, I may have run out and got supplies for my own barn doors... just saying.

And last, (but never least) the Crafty Sisters shared their nightstand shelf.  What a fun nightstand for a kids room!  I love the scrapbook paper back and the book on top.  Too cute!  This could easily be customized for any decor.  Love it.

Aren't they all fun?!  I love being a part of WYLTC. These ladies blow me away each month.  But now its your turn!  We want to see what you'll come up with for this month's theme, shelves.  Remember, if you can call it a shelf, it goes!


Please link back to this blog so others can join in on the fun.  You can find our button HERE.

Please only link projects that fit into this month's theme. 

You have a week to link up, so get busy!