Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Craft Goodies Remembering "Mom"...

Hello fellow crafters and happy April!
 I'm happy to be posting today and even happier to be one step ahead in the race to get a Mother's Day gift finished. (Being ahead of anything doesn't happen much for me...)
My mind was swimming with ideas once Candace and Nicole shared their theme and originally I thought I'd be a bit selfish and do something for me. I am after all a mom too, right?
These are my monkeys...
 But in the end, my sentimental side won out-- I wanted to do something simple, that could be easily replicated, and that reminded me of my mom.
I cut out 2 letter M's from MDF and added in a small oval picture frame to spell out M-O-M.

 (If you don't cut your own wood you can find letters at most craft stores these days. Add a fun frame and you've got the same thing. Add a picture of your kiddos or family, or do like I am and add a picture of your mom. You could even spell out "Nana" or "Gran" with frames for the A's to give one to grandma too!)
My mom has been gone from us now for just shy of 20 years and yet it seems like just yesterday that she was here. I miss her everyday. I love getting the chance to share things I learned from and  remember about her with my girls-she was an amazing person.
I plan to make a set for each of my sisters and my brother, they need a Mother's day hug too!
 I added mine to the pictures I have of my girls in my craft room, so now I have all my favorite ladies in one place! It can't get any better than that...
Thank you Candace and Nicole for a great excuse to remember more about my mom, to create something fun, and to get share it with others. And to all of you moms out there--
Happy Mother's Day! Make it the best one yet.
Happy Crafting!


Krystal said...

So cute Wendy! I love the idea of using a picture as the O! There are so many great ornate frames out there that the options here are endless! I love yours! Great idea!

Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

Love it Wendy! I love even more the personal meaning and story you told. You craft with your heart and that's why we love crafting with you! Great job!:)