Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silhouette Linky Party

Hello again!  Welcome to the Wood You Like To Craft? Linky Party for
Wendy pointed out that Wood You Like To Craft? is now one. Happy Birthday to us!
 We have had so much fun creating with all of you and look forward to many more wood projects!

Well, Nicole and I were feeling ambitious this week and decided to make a few more silhouettes.
We made silhouettes of our children and we absolutely love with them.  There is something about tracing and cutting your own child's face that is special.  Our kids also got a kick out of seeing themselves up on the wall too!
We found a really easy tutorial on how to make silhouettes at Design Dazzle
 You don't need all the fancy photo programs, we used Picasa's light/shadow controls to whip ours up...
and I even traced right from the computer screen!   
We used our scroll saw to cut all the fine details out in the face and hair. 
 It's really not bad,  just go slow and steady. 
I hung my silhouettes with ribbon and drawer knobs. 
It is fun to see the differences and similarities in each of your children. 
To review the Silhouette week here at WYLTC,
we started off with wooden silhouette bunnies on stands.   
Krystal made an oh so pretty wood shamrock
 covered with hounds tooth paper and tied with a beautiful ribbon.
  Who knew shamrocks could be so pretty?:) 
Melinda, despite some saw troubles,
created these very cool wood vases.  I love tulips, especially yellow.   
Wendy ended the week with some very cute Easter silhouette projects.  I love the Bunny Tales!

Now it's your turn!
Come join the Link Party and share your "wood" themed silhouette!
The Link will be open for one week, so you have plenty of time to create!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bunny Tales and Carrots by Craft Goodies!!!

WOWZA! What a week!
It's Wendy from Craft Goodies.
I'm really excited to be sharing my projects with you--yes, {once again} I said projects, as in plural!
If I've learned anything from this group, it's that I'm a whole lot more indecisive that I ever realized I was.
 So here you go, silhouettes done Wendy-style:

So, funny enough, this wasn't my original plan. I wanted to do classic silhouette cutouts of my girls on these curvy little frames but I ran into a few problems.
 1-- I couldn't get them to sit still long enough to trace a descent image. 2-- once I got it small enough to fit inside the frame I was afraid I'd loose the detail of the image to the saw blade, and 3--I'd already cut the frame out so enlarging it wasn't an option.
So what to do...cut  a carrot instead! But don't you just love it?

I cut the blue part of the frame from 3/4 inch MDF and the insert from bead board. I used the skill saw to cut both. And the carrot is 1/4 inch MDF.
{Completely off track but as I was finishing this piece it kind of reminded me of the very first project we ever did here on WYLTC? And then I realized that that was ONE YEAR ago!!! Holy cow--Happy Birthday WYLTC!!! We're officially one!}

My little carrot needed a buddy to fill up the shelf and what goes better with carrots than bunnies?

I was obsessed with the idea of a big, fluffy bunny tail. So the idea of a silhouette was perfect because what do you really see? That big, fluffy bunny's tail!
She too is cut from 3/4 inch MDF and then mounted onto a chunk of 2x4.
The tail is a tan tulle, scrapbook paper on the 2x4 and a sharpie to apply the lettering.

The whole thing makes me very "HOPPY".
Hooray for ideas that go astray!!!

Thank you ladies for yet another fun month! And really for a super fun and inspiring year--I'm so glad I get to do this every month!!!
Can't wait to see what you've all been up to.
Happy Crafting.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Silhouette Vases by Under My Umbrella

Hey all!  It's Melinda from  over at Under My Umbrella.  Today I feel like a little kid trying to hang out with the bigger kids.  The gals of Wood you like to Craft make amazing stuff and I'm just tagging along :)   Today I'm going to show you how to make silhouette vases....

First of all let me tell you I'm feeling a little crabmuffinish today.  Yes, that word is totally made up.  I like it better than grouchy.  Why so crabmuffinish you ask?  Well my saw is giving me all sorts of problems so I only got 2 vases done and I REALLY wanted 3.  So...someone make three and make me happy!   To make these vases you need a 2x6 piece of wood.  Bigger or smaller will work.  It just depends how wide you want your vases. 

I cut some some vases on paper and traced them on my piece of wood.  Use your scroll saw to cut out the shape.  Hopefully your saw will play nice and cut what you need!

I then sanded, pained and drilled a hole in the top.

There you have it!  Easy and your ready for Spring!!!

Thanks Crafty Sisters for the brilliant theme of "silhouettes"!  I can't wait to see what all you crafty people are up to!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shamrock Silhouette by Sassy Sanctuary

Hello everyone!  Krystal from Sassy Sanctuary here today!  So are you in love with the silhouette bunnies Crafty Sisters made?  I am!  I totally am going to have to make some for Easter.  Silhouettes are such a fun theme and really about anything goes.  I'm excited to see what the other ladies came up with!

Any-who... for my silhouette project I decided to make a Shamrock.  It was such a fun and EASY project!  I love those kinds!  Ready to see?

Isn't it cute!  It actually inspired me to decorate a little vignette on the shelf-wall of my family room.  This is the first time that I have decorated this spot and I love how it looks!

To make your own shamrock silhouette all you need is an unfinished frame, a shamrock cut from 1" pine, some paint and some ribbon.

A shamrock would be an easy cut for a newbie with a jig saw or scroll saw... but I actually found mine already cut at a local scrapbook store for only $6.  Sometimes the short cuts are worth the time they save!

I painted the frame a dark grey and the shamrock green and Modge Podged some scrapbook paper to it.  Then I hot glued the shamrock to the frame and tied a big ole bow around the whole thing.

I LOVE the pattern of the green houndstooth!

Seriously, this was way easy... one afternoon from start to finish.

So that's it.  My simple shamrock silhouette!

Be sure to come back to see what Melinda and Wendy come up with!  They always make the cutest things so I'm sure they will be awesome!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crafty Sisters Silhouette Bunnies

Hello! It's Nicole and Candace from Crafty Sisters.
  It's great to be crafting with Wood You Like To Craft again!
The theme this month is SILHOUETTES,
and of course we had to do something Easter/Spring related!
We drew our inspiration from some fun 
weather vane type accessories we've seen from Target and Pottery Barn.
We found this great rabbit silhouette from The Graphics Fairy.
It was the perfect shape for what we had in mind.
We blew it up to be about 21" wide
and cut it out of 1" pine.
We then gathered our other supplies:
1 7" section of 3/8" dowel
1 chunky table leg from Home Depot
1 cedar fence cap
1 2 3/4" square cut from 1" pine scraps
You can really use anything to build up your base.
Candace used some scraps from her garage and
a ball finial from her son's bunk beds~it's been used
as a weapon being thrown around for a while
so she figured this was a better use for it!;)
After drilling the holes into the bunny and the table leg,
we glued everything together with Gorilla wood glue.
Once dry we stained everything with a coat of stain.
I used Min wax Dark Mahogany Wood Stain,
 and Candace used watered down, dark burnt umber acrylic paint.

When it had dried we tried 2 different paint approaches.
I used some cream acrylic paint that was watered down
to a 50/50 consistency, applying a generous coat.
After letting it sit for a few minutes, it was wiped away with paper towel.
This made the grain of the wood pop through and gave the bunny
a nice translucent weathered warm grey look.
Candace applied some furniture wax to her bunny before
she coated it with a thick coat of cream paint.
The wax allowed the brown stain to peek through quite nicely
when she lightly sanded it.
We always love playing around with paint and trying new things out!
Most of all we love playing around with silhouettes!
We're thinking we might have a whole week dedicated to
all things Silhouette.....
We'll see!
Can't wait to see what Krystal, Melinda and Wendy have
coming up in the next few days!
Stay tuned and don't forget to link up your favorite
Silhouette project this weekend!
Our linky party will start Saturday.