Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Love Birds- Sassy Sanctuary

Hello Everyone!  Krystal from Sassy Sanctuary here and so super glad to be too.  I have had a ton of fun seeing all the creative LOVE going on here this week and I'm excited to finish us off.

Now, I have had a CrAzY month!!!  We have been finishing our master bathroom (its finally done!  Yay!!) We had the engine go out on my car and can I just say I HATE mechanics!!!  (I apologize to anyone that might offend.)  We bought our house so we have had all the fun paperwork that goes with that.  AND I'm officially 8 weeks (or less) from having baby #4 which means I've been sewing baby bedding (because I can't do anything the easy way) and making nursery decor, all while finishing another bedroom in the basement so we can do the whole sibling room swap once again. So ya, BUSY.

Now I only tell you all that because I had no intention of decorating for Valentines this year.  But when the lovely WYLTC gals started emailing about crafting for love day, I knew I would kick myself if I didn't join in.  So I did, and I love it.  Crafting really is my ME thing and it was really fun to take a break from life's crazies and do something for ME.  And I have to say my Valentine's display is really one of my favorites and I'm so glad I got it all out.  So thank you ladies!!!  It was just what I needed.  :)

And just like the Crafty Sisters, I am a little crazy over love birds.  I was actually inspired by some cute digi scrapbook embellishments I have for the shape of these birds.  I love that they are such a simple shape but have the cute little heart wings.

And they were simple and quick to make.  Which was a requirement this time around!

Here's how I made them....

1.  I cut the bird shape out of inch thick wood.  As you can see in the picture, its a very basic bird.  The hearts are little unfinished wood hearts from Micheals.  They cost about 30 cents each, so way worth it for me to get a perfect heart.

2.  Trace and cut out the shapes in scrapbook paper.  I cut the beaks off too.

3.  Paint the sides and backs of the the wood.

4.  Let dry.  If you are anything like me, waiting for paint to dry is torture!!  hehe

5.  Modge Podge the paper to the wood.  I like to lightly sand the edges after I add the paper to get a really clean look.

6.  Add glitter to the beaks.  I find good old Elmer's glue works the best for sticking glitter.  Then hot glue on some little eyes (these are black pearl things from the scrapbook section.  I use them all the time.) And hot glue the wings in place.  Done.

I hope you all had fun with this months craft ideas and I wish you all a very fun and full of love Valentine's Day!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nail Heart by Under My Umbrella

I believe love is what makes the world go round.   Sometimes it seems there are so many events today happening that hurt our hearts that we need to remember to focus on the things that make our hearts happy! Making crafts around Valentines Day to me is making a visual to remind me the power of love.   I saw a project similar to this a while ago in a store and decided I would make it soon.   I love people and projects that inspire me!  

Easy and cute!  The project is self explanatory but just for those who like a description...  I grabbed a block of wood and stained it.   Then paint the edges red.  I really like the peek-a-boo pop of color!   I cut out a paper heart as a pattern and traced it on my block of wood with pencil.  Hammer those nails around the edge of the heart and finally I wrapped some red and white string around the nails.

I typed this whole thing on my phone so I wouldn't wake up my husband!  Talk about love!  He says when I type on the keyboard early in the morning it sounds like the Calvary is coming;)


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hugs and Kisses from Craft Goodies!

Happy Tuesday all! Hope your week is off to a great start.
I for one, could not be happier to be here. I love this fun little month called February and LOVE that our Crafty Sisters went with a Valentine's theme this go around cause I'm really digging what I made--but I must tell you, I totally stole this little gem.

I have several amazingly talented friends, one of which works with her husband to refinish furniture. They are the ones that can take that really sad looking "free" dresser that was at the curb and turn it into something to die for. She's that good, and that awesome, so of course I let her be my guide on this project.

She created these amazing wood signs for Christmas…

noel & wreath.jpg

…that lead to similar ones for Valentine’s…

v-day signs.jpg

…that lead me to my project!


xoxo board.jpg

True to me, I went big--something for the front porch. I used a side board from am armour that had seen better days as the base and cut the x’s and o’s from 1/8th inch mdf.  Painted the board and x’s and then used flannel to roll and roll and roll enough rosettes to cover the o’s. It was great, mindless crafting while watching late night tv. Then just glued it all into place on the board and done!

Don’t you just love having inspirational friends? I sure do! They surround me at home and here online, thanks again, ladies for another great month here at WYLTC…hugs and kisses to you all!
Happy Crafting-

Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine Love Birds Crafty Sisters

I don't know what it is about Love Birds~but I can't get enough of bird themed Valentines!
I knew this month I wanted to make something with birds and this weekend as
I was watching a show with a Valentines Day dance I was inspired what to do.
I've always disliked how this holiday seems to be only about 2 people in love....
My true life love story isn't just me and my hubby, it includes our little girl too!

So here's our family of little Love Birds~Love Is Tweet Bird Cage!
I first cut out my little shapes from 3/4" MDF.  That is my favorite wood to cut out of.
It's easy to cut, easy to paint, too dusty for my taste but it works great!

I predrilled my holes, sanded down my sides and then did a base coat of Americana Light Buttermilk paint.
Using a few scraps left over from previous projects I then covered my birds with cute papers.
Don't forget to add some eye balls!
Using thick fencing wire I then created my bird cage.  Each end is threaded through the base and curled over so it won't slip through.  You can find this wire in the fencing department at Home Depot for less than $5 and the roll will last you forever
Once all the wires were in place I took a shorter piece of wire and wrapped it through the top to create some stability.  With some of the excess wire I was able to thread on a little heart finial topper.

Just tie on some cute ribbons and print a cute little label off the computer, adorn it with some glitter and you are good to go!