Meet the Crafters

under my umbrella  
"My name is Melinda and I created a little blog called Under My Umbrella.   I live in the Great Northwest and am under an umbrella most of the time! Under my umbrella you would find my handsome husband and four fantastic kids! I'm always up to creating something.  I started crafting with wood when my husband started buying me power tools for my birthday and Christmas.  That was just the beginning of my wood love affair.  I like to walk into Home Depot, take a deep breath and appreciate the wonderful smell of wood!"

Krystal @ Sassy Sanctuary

"I'm Krystal and my little blog home is Sassy Sanctuary.  I've always had a love for creating and design.  I'm passionate about houses (some may call it obsessed) so it was a natural fit to earn my bachelors degree in Interior Design.  However, after my kids came I decide to put my career on hold while I raise my little ones. My blog is what keeps me sane and motivates me to continue to create.   While I dabble in everything from sewing to graphic design, one of my favorite mediums is wood.  I just love creating something wonderful from something so basic."

crafty sisters
Candace and Nicole @ Crafty Sisters

"Hello we're Candace and Nicole from Crafty Sisters!  We are lucky to be sisters but more importantly moms with patient husbands that live close enough to create with each other regularly.  We've had a long standing love affair with wood and power tools.  When we couldn't find wood crafts in stores that we were dreaming up we knew we had to figure out how to do it ourselves.  We started with just a jigsaw, a sander and a drill, it didn't take us long to become completely addicted! Although we love to make just about anything and everything our first love is still wood.  The guys at Home Depot know us as the sisters with kids and strollers in tow.  We love working together and sharing our love of crafting with you!" 

Wendy @ Craft Goodies

“Hey there everybody! My name is Wendy and I am here with you via my blog Craft Goodies. It’s a fun little place where I get to share the things I love, find the things I want, and make a friend or two along the way! My love for crafting started as a child and has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I’m kind of a do-it-all, try-it-all crafting gal. But my heart lies with my power tools and the lumber section of Home Depot.
{I LOVE being a girl that knows her way around a lumber yard!}
I keep busy with my husband, 5 daughters, growing business, and mommy duties but can always find time for a quick project here and there- a glue gun beats a basket of laundry any day!
I’m thrilled to be a part of this creative fun and can’t wait to see all the wonderful things that await…”