Thursday, April 16, 2015

Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Craft Goodies

Happy spring to you all from Wendy at Craft Goodies! 
Hopefully spring has found you and you're sitting back enjoying sunshine, soft breezes,  and the color coming back to our world.  Spring is by far my favorite season,  it just makes me happy so a spring theme was right up my alley. 

Living in the Pacific northwest though,  Spring often means a lot of rain.  The best part of all the rain... RAINBOWS! 

I decided I needed a rainbow in my growing garden,  you know to encourage it to just keep growing.

 I drew my pattern,  traced it onto 3/4 inch mdf, and then cut it out. Once I had it cut,  I went back and traced in all the details-- the clouds and each stripe of the rainbow.  Then I painted each piece and then sanded each piece paying a lot of attention to the edges. I wiped it all clean and the glued it all back together. Because it will be outside,  I have it a thick coat of sealer to keep the rain out! I haven't decided if I want it to just sit in the garden,  ground level,  or float above it.  If I decide to float it,  I'll add a stake to the back of it.

So there we have it! My own little piece of spring,  happy, bright, and adding cheer to my little corner of the world. Here's hoping you all find find a little bit of spring happiness in yours-
Happy crafting!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Picket Fence Wreath Hanger Crafty Sisters

Hello from Crafty Sisters!  I am always so grateful for Wood You Like To Craft to get me motivated to finish some of my "to do" list items.  We thought this picket fence wreath hanger would be a perfect Spring project!  Of course I didn't hang a wreath from it....I had to make a springy sign too!
Years ago Candace and I noticed that most of the really pretty wreaths we saw in photos were hanging off of a picket fence~they just popped against it.  So we made our own picket fence to put in our entry ways to hang a wreath from.  It also made my hubby happy to not hear the wreath smack against the door every time the wind blew.  Our original hanger was built from lathing strips which were thinner and not as tall.  Over the years I noticed we didn't scale it quite big enough for some of the fun wreaths we like to make so I decided to upgrade....
This project only takes 3 4" cedar fence slats to make so about $5 in wood.  They come in 6 foot lengths.  After cutting them into 30" sections I used a pattern made from a handy dandy ad that came in the mail and cut the cute tops out using a scroll saw~you could use a jig saw too.

Using 2 cedar lathing strips we created 2 braces and using wood glue and nails we put it together.  All you need is a quick white wash of paint~I used my trim color paint from my house to tie it all in together and then added a couple of "D" rings to hang it from the wall.
You can add a hook directly to the holder to hang your wreath or greeting sign.  I opted to drive a long nail right into the wall to hold my sign from since it was centered differently than most of my wreaths.
So glad to have gotten this project done!  Thanks for the great inspiration ladies!  Happy Spring!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Watering Can Flower Pot- Sassy Sanctuary

Hello Everyone!  Krystal From Sassy Sanctuary here today!  You may have noticed that the WYLTC gals have been pretty hit and miss with posting in recent months.  Life tends to get in the way and crafting has taken a back burner for us.  But we still LOVE it so we've decided to shoot for at least posting once per season.  So I'm here to kick off  SPRING 2015, Wood You Like To Craft style!

Now we decided to keep things pretty general and say "anything Spring goes"  which is great because the sky is the limit.  But its also hard because "what to make!?"

So I'm going to walk you through my thought process.

I started on Pinterest (big surprise!) and looked up Spring Decor.  Some cute flowers planted in watering cans caught my eye.   So then I looked up Watering Can Flower Card.  I was trying to visualize how it would look 2 dimensional and found this image.

I loved it. Especially the buttons!

So I used that as a jumping off point and played around with scratch paper until I had my template.  Transfered it to wood and cut it out.  I'm a horrible blogger and this is the only "in progress" pic I took.

But its two layers.  The back layer is the whole can and taller branches. (3/4" thick)  The front layer is just the front of the can with shorter branches. (1/4" thick)

Anyway.  Hopefully you get the idea.  Here is the final product.

I think it turned out really cute.

And can I say one more thing,  Ive become OBSESSED with navy and aqua.  Its taking over my houes and I love it!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some more Springtime from Crafty Sisters!

Happy Spring!!!