Monday, February 4, 2013

Chevron Heart from Under My Umbrella

Hey crafty ladies.  We're back!  We all needed a little break to spend time with our families over the holidays and to finish up various projects.  It's good to be back!  I emailed the ladies of  Wood You Like to Craft with an assignment of doing something with the chevron pattern.  The possibilities are endless.  It's everywhere from clothes, rugs, curtains to even fingernails.  Chevron and wood seem like a perfect fit and  I've been wanting to play around with this pattern for a while so I'm thrilled to share what I came up with everyone.

Whatcha think?  It's perfectly me!  As usual, couldn't find my camera and I'm using my cell phone. I was hoping for a little sun to help out but no such luck :)  Here's how I did it.  I grabbed some wood from my garage that has been sitting there just waiting for me to use it.

 I traced a heart in the middle of the pieces of wood.  Then I googled to find a free chevron pattern.  I found a great one over at billie monster's blog.  I printed it off and enlarged it on my copier. Then with a pen I traced the pattern on the wood.  At first I thought I wanted tight smaller pattern and then changed my mind.  It happens all the time!  I then used my scroll saw to cut the heart out.

I grabbed yellow paint and hand painted my chevron pattern onto my wood.  Super easy!

Before I started this project I knew I wanted my project to have that reclaimed wood look and the wood I had was brand spanking new.  This next step is kinda funny but I set my wood outside on my back porch and  let the rain do it's stuff.  I live in Washington state so there is no shortage of rain!  I only wish I had a little more time for it to sit out there and "reclaim" itself.  My mom recently moved in with our family and actually thought one of the kids put my project out there and brought it back in.  Hahaha!  It gave me a good laugh.  After some rain treatment I brought my wood back inside and let it dry  (once piece is taking forever to dry.  That's why it looks a different color).

Glue it together with Gorilla Glue.  Let it dry.  I have this great frame that has just been waiting for me to use it.  I framed using the Gorilla glue.  I'm a fan of simple, easy but cute projects.

I'm super excited to see the fun stuff the WYLTC ladies come up with.  Stay tuned for the next three days to see three different chevron projects!


Krystal said...

So cute melinda! I love the red wall showing through the heart! Such a good idea! So glad were back!!!

Candace & Nicole said...

Cute as always Melinda! Glad to be back!

The Allen Family said...

What a cute, cute decoration!