Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chevron "Love"- Sassy Sanctuary

Hello!  It is so good to be back!  Sorry for the crickets over here.   Sometimes life gets in the way but I think I can speak for all the WYLTC ladies in saying that we are so happy to be back!

Isn't Melinda's chevron sign adorable?  Love it.  When I was given the assignment to make something chevron I went to good old Pinterest to see if there was anything on my project "to-do" list that I could interpret with a chevron twist.  I been wanting to make a love sign like this for above my bed, and with Valentines just around the corner it seemed perfect!

(I can't source this image... I appears that it was from an Etsy shop that is no longer in Biz. Although there are many Etsy shops with similar signs if you are looking for something similar.)

Here is how mine turned out with its chevron spin...

And I "love" it!  hehe

The Chevron pattern is fairly subtle (but not so much as the pictures make it out to be.)  But it really adds a fun texture to the peice and is a great addition to my bedroom.

(Sorry for the funky lighting.  The morning sun was shinning in.)

Here is a better representation of the color and pattern.

It was really simple to make.

I just got a big old peice of wood and drew on my word.

Cut it out with a jig saw.  Broke the "L" in half on my last cut and had to glue it back together.  Sigh...

Painted some chevron pattern in black.

About gave my husband a heart attack because it is so busy it makes you go cross-eyed.  Assured him I wasn't done and to trust me. 

Then covered the whole thing with dark brown stain.

I think I'm going to actually put a high gloss finish coat on it, but until I get around to it I'm happy.

Thanks for reading!


Delle said...

Oh that is sweet!!! I've got this big empty space above my bed and that would be perfect!!!

Suzanne said...

"Love" it!

Melinda said...

Fantasic! Totally sassy and fun!

*katie said...

Ooh, I so love it! I also have a big empty space above my bed and something like this would look great there! I'm just not sure my font would look as cute!

Candace & Nicole said...

Oh I "love" it too! The soft chevron pattern is perfect! Nice job Krystal.