Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Craft Goodies--Frames with a Dash of Chevron...

Hello to you all!
{Sorry for the late start of this post, I had to remember how to do it}
Now that I think I have it figured out let me start by saying it's GREAT to be back!
It's Wendy here today, and I can't think of a better place to be...
When Melinda shared her idea for a theme with us I knew exactly what I wanted to do:
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(card image from
 I had pinned this back in December while trying to find the "perfect" Christmas card with the idea of making it into a large wall frame.
I have to say, this is on my top 5 WYLTC projects, want to see?

It went together pretty simply with stuff I had here at the house and a quick trip to the dollar store.
The dollar store provided the 11x14 inch frame and foam-core board for the backing.
The wood planks were given to me from my in-laws--they are building a new house and these strips were in between the cedar logs they are using on the house face. I used the foam core for support because they are so thin and flexible.
And last, the pieces with the chevron pattern are cut to size 1/4 inch MDF.
1. The planks measure 5 1/2 inches wide--the same as a fence board, which is what I would have used if I didn't have the other. I sanded, stained and then did a black wash over each board before gluing them down to the foam board.
2. The picture frame is an 11x14 that opens from the front, so I just glued it into place too. The glass pops out if and when I want to change out the pictures--super easy and only $1!
3. These pieces are 1/4 MDF cut to 7 inches by 7 3/4 inches. I taped off the pattern and then painted, sanded, added the same black wash, and then glued them into place as well.
I like it so much, I actually made two! It's just enough pattern and color to not overwhelm your eyes and brain, and accents the color of my craft room so nicely.
Thanks Melinda for getting this one off of the "to-do" list and on to the wall.
Happy crafting to you all-


Krystal said...

That is such a cute frame! I love the chevron stripe. What a great idea to take a card and interprete into an actual frame. Love it!!!

Candace & Nicole said...

Great idea Wendy! Your frame has the perfect pop of pattern!