Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Numbered Cubby Shelf !!!

Hey there everyone! It's Wendy from Craft Goodies here today.
I'm so excited to be back to crafting with all of you and even more excited to share my shelf with you!!!

I love shelves, so when Krystal announced this month's theme I knew exactly what I wanted to tackle...
Number Cubby Shelf

I wanted one of these little P.B. Kids cubby shelves!!!
You see my kids have this problem, they can't seem to figure out that their shoes do not belong in the middle of the entry way, and why it would drive me crazy to continually trip over them every time I come in the front door.
Hopefully, with our new cubby shelf in place, we have fixed that problem.

So first, I must tell you this was a try as you go project, so I failed miserably to take a lot of pictures-I was a little to focused on making it all fit together as I didn't draw it out first. {Sorry}
But the good news is, it was really easy!

Here's what I used:
* 1/2 inch MDF board cut to 12 inches wide by 48 inches long for the back piece
 *1/4 inch piece of MDF cut to 9  1/4 inches by 48 inches for the front panel
  *1/4 inch MDF piece cut to 5 inches by 48 inches for the bottom
6 divider pieces cut like this:

 I nailed and glued the end dividers into place on the back panel and then measured in 9 inches and put up the next set of dividers, measured in 9 inches and then set the last dividers into place.
Be sure to measure both the top and bottom of the pieces to be sure you nail them in straight! Then nail and glue the bottom panel on.

I wanted mine on the wall before I put the front panel on, so next I painted a fun shade of red.
And then I screwed this bad boy into place...

I thought I was saving myself some painting-clearly you wouldn't see the bottom once the front was on right? WRONG!

From there, I painted the front panel, red first, and then stenciled in the numbers. Sanded everything, roughed up the edges, and then added a layer of stain...

Nail the front panel into place and there you go!

The cutest little shoe organizer ever!
My girls have already laid claim to their cubbies and have started moving in...let's just hope they save room for the shoes!!!

So much fun! Thanks Krystal for the great theme, can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings...
Happy Crafting.


Krystal said...

That is SOOOO cute! What a great way to organize shoes! Great job!

Candace & Nicole said...

Great job Wendy, it looks just like PB's! We have a shoe problem at our house too, one is usually hiding under a bed somewhere. This is a great solution! :)

Melinda said...

Nice work Wendy Jo :) I'm lovin' the color, the numbers...just about everything!

Lyndsey said...

I love this idea.. the storage is awesome!!