Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Lollipop Tree

Hello from Crafty Sisters!
You know how we love us some Halloween crafts
so we couldn't resist putting together something for Wood You Like To Craft
that had some Halloween flair and Halloween Candy!

It's a Halloween Lollipop Countdown Tree!

Trust us, this is one you'll want to make for the kiddos
and it's super easy too!
Make sure to check back on Monday October 4th for the full tutorial!
In the mean time start gathering your supplies!
2 1x2" 8' long boards
1 36" long 5/16" threaded rod cut to 31 1/2"
2 locking nuts 5/16" size
9 1" wooden beads
1 4" piece of 4" fence post
optional witch feet or a larger base
 31 funky lollipops
black, orange & white craft paint

We are so excited to see what everyone creates!
Make sure to join in
and Come Craft With Us!!!

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