Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Beware Sign Crafty Sisters

Hello from Crafty Sisters! 
Today we are sharing a fun "BEWARE" sign with you!
I don't think that we get any more excited about any holiday as much as we do Halloween!
I started pulling all of my Halloween stuff out this weekend finally to decorate and it just makes
me giddy getting it out!

We wanted to share a quick, easy and very budget friendly Halloween decoration this month.
Candace and I made a version of this sign about 6 years ago and my little sign has taken a beating over the years so I needed to update it!
All you'll need is:
6 rectangles with dog eared corners about 3" x 3.5".  I used my scraps of 3/4" thick MDF and drilled a little hole at the top of each piece.
6 coordinating pieces of scrap book paper (again great use of leftover scraps) 3' x 3.5".
BEWARE letters cut from your Cricut or you can use chipboard letters~make sure they fit on the rectangle!
Black fencing wire
Various beads
Branches about 4 feet in length
Black spray paint
Silver spray glitter
Ribbon or Raffia

I gathered the branches from my Sycamore tree (which I love to hate), it dumps branches in a downpour when ever the wind comes around.  I wrapped them together with the heavy duty wire (you can find this at Home Depot in the Fencing Department for under $5 for the huge roll!  Then just spray paint and glitter away!
While you wait for that to dry give your little blocks a quick coat of paint and glue your papers and letters into place.  I have a love affair with glitter...I can't seem to make any project without adding some!
Cut wire in 12" section and thread the beads on after you've threaded it through the blocks.
Hobby Lobby has a lot of their beads on sale this week 50% off!

Once you've got your beads in place you can secure the wires to the bundled branches.
You can add some raffia and pretty ribbon for an extra pop!
Sometimes raffia is a bit straight for me~did you know you can curl it?  If you have an old curling iron~this is my mini from highschool~yes, it completely dates me~it works perfect for curling raffia!
The fencing wire is nice and thick so you can position the hanging blocks just right.
There ya go~a quick, easy and inexpensive Halloween sign to greet your visitors!
Make sure to check back this week to see what Krystal, Wendy and Melinda have to share!
Happy Halloween from Crafty Sisters!


Krystal said...

Completely adorable as always girls! Love it!!

Wendy Gardiner said...

SO stinkin' cute! I think I definitely need one...