Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recipe & Tablet Stands from Craft Goodies!

Hello to you all!
It's Wendy from Craft Goodies here to wrap up this week of kitchen inspiration. So, I have a confession. I love posting last. It gives me more time to really check out the other projects and as always, add a few things to my "need to make" list. While that list keeps growing, I did manage to get one thing off of it with this month's theme...
{The tablet went missing right at picture time so you get my phone! Too many little helpers in this kitchen...}
 I love to cook. And more and more I find myself pulling recipes from online sources, there are so many good ones out there! It's so easy to pull something up on my tablet and not have to dig through my cookbooks. The problem is that my tablet is then very much in danger of becoming part of the recipe! I needed somewhere to put it where it would be safe from flying flour but I could still read the directions, a tablet stand was definitely needed!

I had every intention of cutting a base board out but happened to be in Hobby Lobby a few weeks back and found this little cutie. Perfect size, already painted to match my kitchen, and it was half off!
 (It's cut from 1/4 inch MDF if you wanted to cut your own)

To make the shelf, I cut a piece from a square dowel--just wider than my tablet, and then a thin strip of MDF just taller than the dowel to make a little "lip" to hold the tablet in place...

...glued them together (use wood glue!), gave it a few coats of gray paint...
...and then glued it into place.

The stand on back is made from 2 pieces of 1x2 hinged together and then glued to the back of the base board. And done! So cute, and just what I needed!

The bonus was while I was in Hobby Lobby I found the cute clip board stand too! Perfect for the paper recipes that I still use, granted it was HOT PINK {and oh so cute, could I get away with a hot pink kitchen?} but that was easily fixed with a screwdriver and a can of spray paint.
So, thank you Krystal for a fun and needed theme, this little corner of my kitchen is  now so much cuter and user friendly. My tablet will live a much happier and cleaner life!
Here's hoping your kitchen project makes your life a bit happier too. Until next month, 
Happy Crafting!

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Krystal said...

What a great idea! I pull a ton of recipes from online too. Don't you just love when you can take something cute from the store and easily make it yours?! Love them both!!