Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crafty Sisters Easter Bunny Countdown

Easter Greetings from Crafty Sisters!
We are sure excited about Krystal's theme this month, especially since we love the scripture egg countdown.
Last year we made about 20 egg kits up for my Activity Day Church girls and although they look
cute in the egg carton we've always wanted a better way to really display them.
We cut them out of 1/2" MDF, making sure to cut the sides and bottom using a miter saw for straight sides and bottoms~so they'd stand up and we could hinge them together.
Yes, I said hinge!  We got these cute little hinges at Hobby Lobby and fastened them on accordion style
so that when they stand up they'll have some extra structure and cuteness of course!

We did a quick coat of white spray paint~note to self~make sure it's warmer so the paint doesn't glop.
I seem to need a refresher on this point every year...and I remember it about a year later when I glop my paint again.....
We then took plastic Easter eggs and using velcro dots, attached them to the belly of each bunny.  Then we just glue gunned on a cute little matching bow.
These work great for displaying the 12 scripture eggs but you could also put little treats in them too.  Our kids would be happy to have a count down calendar every month if we let them!
Thanks Krystal for the great inspiration piece!  Can't wait to see what Wendy and Melinda do!


Krystal said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is adorable!!!! The eggs totally look like little bunny tails! I like yours better, want to trade!?! ;)

Melinda said...

Love this! Think I might do it for my local craft group this month!

Lexy said...

How do you get the pattern for the bunnies? Such a cute project.

Welcome to Our Story said...

This is really, really cute and such a great idea for a countdown. I also have the same egg countdown and would love to have a better way to use them. Did you make up your own template for the bunny shapes? Would it be possible to share it? I would love it, your shapes are so cute.