Monday, March 3, 2014

Craft Goodies--Let's Go Fly a Kite!

So, who else is a little bit tired of winter? I say enough already-- We want SPRING!!!

Hi, everybody, it’s Wendy from Craft Goodies here today to start off a week that I am more than ready for. Picking a theme for this month wasn’t hard, between all the cold and rain and even snow here in the PNW (and everywhere else!) I’m craving a bit more color and heat, so our theme this month is:

Welcome Spring!

For my project I took to one of mine and my kids favorite spring time activities—kite flying!



It’s bright and fun and just what my gloomy spirit needed! I think I can now survive until the sun arrives.

I started by drawing out my patterns and then traced and cut them from ¾ inch MDF.


I have been tinkering around with my band saw more lately and thought I’d give it a go on this project as well. The band saw makes it super easy to add a bit more dimension to your wood cutouts—and it’s really fast!

After I cut out the basic kite and bows, I went back through and cut apart all the different sections of the kite and then beveled the base of the saw and re-cut all the edges.

 {You can also do this with a power sander, it just takes longer and is a lot messier.}

kite2.jpg  kite3.jpg

From there I painted all the pieces, sanded the edges a bit, and then using wood glue, put it all back together. Once it was dry, I used a thick gauge wire to wrap around the base of the kite and the bows. I used a bit of the wire on the back to create a hanger and then took it outside to hang on the door…



It was cute, but needed a little more. I walked back into the house trying to decide what that “more” was and my eye caught a grapevine wreath form and BAM! That was it…


The wreath and a little bit of greenery and I am feeling Spring is not so far away.

{It also reminded me of how I really do fly kites…always in the trees!}

I can’t wait to see what the other WYLTC gals bring to the plate this week…it can only get happier, brighter, and warmer.  Who knows, by week’s end we may have created a heat wave!

Happy crafting and we’ll see you tomorrow-



Krystal said...

So cute wendy!! I love the beveled edges! It really does add a ton of dimension. And the kite design is such a fun idea. Yay for spring!!!

Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

So cute! I thought the same thing with the greenery before I saw your comment about the trees~that, how cute it looks like it's stuck in a tree which is what we do here!:) Great idea~love it!:)