Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nail Heart by Under My Umbrella

I believe love is what makes the world go round.   Sometimes it seems there are so many events today happening that hurt our hearts that we need to remember to focus on the things that make our hearts happy! Making crafts around Valentines Day to me is making a visual to remind me the power of love.   I saw a project similar to this a while ago in a store and decided I would make it soon.   I love people and projects that inspire me!  

Easy and cute!  The project is self explanatory but just for those who like a description...  I grabbed a block of wood and stained it.   Then paint the edges red.  I really like the peek-a-boo pop of color!   I cut out a paper heart as a pattern and traced it on my block of wood with pencil.  Hammer those nails around the edge of the heart and finally I wrapped some red and white string around the nails.

I typed this whole thing on my phone so I wouldn't wake up my husband!  Talk about love!  He says when I type on the keyboard early in the morning it sounds like the Calvary is coming;)



Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

Melinda I love your story and your phone skills!:) This is such a cute idea~simplicity really is best sometimes! Love it!:)

Krystal said...

Super cute!!! Love the way it looks on your mantle. And I can't believe you can write a whole blog post from your phone!!! That is hilarious and awesome!