Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crafting With Kids Crafty Sisters Style

Hello from Crafty Sisters!

We are always excited for an excuse to do crafts for our kids and with them!
Here's an idea I've wanted to do for a while now!
We thought it would be fun to take one of our favorite shapes and turn it into a 
fun chalkboard and jewelry holder, which was perfect for my daughter!
First we found a fun shape we used from a favorite old poster.
This was perfect since it looks just like our favorite kitty Morris~
My daughter has been begging for a kitty shape for a long time now
and I've been wanting to figure out a cute way for her to store all her own necklaces
so they aren't tangled up in my jewelry box....
so this was our perfect fit!
First I made up my pattern and traced it onto 3/4" MDF.
I cut it out with my jigsaw and scroll saw for the finer details.
I then painted it 3 coats worth of chalkboard paint.  

I sanded in between coats lightly with a sanding sponge for a smoother finish.
I added 10 tiny hooks that I had spray painted black by pre-drilling holes first along the tail.
The tail was the perfect place for these hooks!
Then finished it off with a hook on the back for easy hanging.
Now I have the perfect place for reminder notes and a perfect place for her own necklaces!
Thanks for the great inspiration as always!


Krystal said...

Adorable! Love the cat shape! I'm sure your daughter loves it!

Marisa said...

Turned out great! I'm a cat lover too. I just started following your blog.