Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snowman-Craft Goodies

Once there was a snowman, tall, tall, tall!

(Sorry, had to get a new snowman song stuck in my head)

Wendy here today to share my take on Krystal's snowman theme and I must first, thank her. Making my little snowmen brought back a flood of memories that had me laughing at myself, rolling my eyes at how crazy my siblings are, and loving my family all the more. It's been a fun couple of days!

So what had me tripping down memory lane? This did...




It was finding all the right goodies for the scarf and hat band and more than anything else, trying to get the perfect snow layer on my little snowmen!

I’ll tell you that crazy story in a minute, first here’s how I put this all together.




I started by cutting out all my pieces: 4 bodies, a base to stand on, a base for the hat, and then the 4 sides of the hat. I got a bit tricky and mitered the edges of the hat as well as the edges of the body pieces so that they would make nice square edges. And last, I drilled through the sides of the snowmen to make a place for the arms.




Then I glued it all together and waited for it to dry so I could paint and decorate!


I used thick 18 gauge wire, doubled and twisted together to make the arms. To get a fun, textured, snowy look, I sprayed everything white with wall texture spray before painting it and then adding a TON of iridescent glitter, then the standard rosettes, burlap, fabric, etc., and last,  candles in the middle to create the “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” thing.

TADA!!! Done and looking kinds cute outside on the front porch.

So that crazy memory of mine…when I was little, every time it would snow (you know, enough to really cover the yard) I would BAN my family from walking in the front yard! I loved the way it looked and sparkled with no footprints running through it, or big shoveled piles here and there, or dirty muddy gunk from all the boots and cars. It was one of my very favorite things about those long, cold, Utah winters. And bless my sweet family! They would do it! So as I sat spraying texture to just the right level and spot, I realized how ridiculous I was as a child, how great my family is, and that if I had snow in my yard right now, I’d go make a snowman…footprints and all!

Enjoy your winter fun and happy crafting to you all-





Krystal said...

How cute! I never would have thought to use a snowman shape for a lantern. What a great idea! And I love your cute story! That is such a funny childhood quirk. Most kids can't wait to roll around in all the fresh snow!

Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

Love this! What a great twist on a snowman! I need to learn to think more 3-D! Great job!:)