Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crafty Sisters - Simple Chalkboard

Hello from Crafty Sisters!  We are so excited about working with chalkboards again!
There are so many great ideas of how to use them.  We are happy to have another excuse to play around with them for WYLTC!

We were inspired by Ballard Designs again!
They have some fun and sophisticated chalkboard frames.
They are so simple and classy~and with all the end of school craziness going on~simple sounded perfect!
We first picked up a simple black picture frame from Hobby Lobby.
The guys down at Home Depot were so great to cut our board for us!  Did you know they carry Chalk Board all ready to cut to size?!!  No worries about painting it, it's just good to go!
Plus I love seeing that big saw in action~I don't think we're the only girls with saw envy....:)
Simply tack the chalk board in place with some silicon adhesive or nails.
It's that easy, looks that great and it's a wonderful blank canvas for all the great chalkboard prints
that are so popular right now!
Thanks for the great theme this month Wendy!
Can't wait to see what we'll do next month.....

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Krystal said...

CUTE! I love your chalk drawings! I saw on a blog recently where someone had a really large chalkboard and used an over head projector to draw really beautiful images on it. Then you can use hairspray to set the chalk and it wont erase until you use some cleaner and scrub it. This frame would be perfect for something like that!