Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Under My Umbrella: Cork Board

Hey all!  It's Melinda from over at Under My Umbrella here to share my project for this month.  I'm all about  organizing things over at my house.  It seems like it's a never ending process with four kids :)  A while back I scored a huge frame with a broken mirror for free.   My daughter painted the frame to match her room and it's been sitting there as a frame for a while.   We decided to make it into a bulletin/cork board and this month's theme provided the motivation!

You'll have to excuse the quality of my pictures!  I'm using my phone again.   This frame didn't have a back board of any type so I created one.  I grabbed a piece of 1/4 inch thick wood and used my skill saw to cut it to fit the back of the frame.

The frame is pretty big so I had to piece the cork board together and glue it on to the back board.  I then used burlap to cover it so you couldn't see all those lines!

 I screwed the back board onto the frame and there you have it!  A cute bulletin/cork board for my daughter's room.  We now can take all the thousands of photographs she tacked to her wall and give them a home!  Organization always feels so good!


Krystal said...

Super cute! I love color and shape of the frame! I'm sure your daughter will love it!

Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

Great job Melinda! That frame is so cute!:)