Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hello!  It's Melinda from over at Under My Umbrella.   I'm excited to be blogging today.  Lately life hasn't allowed me the time to post my projects so I'm grateful I'm part of this group of women who inspire me to keep going.  Today I'm going to share my what I'm calling my "grow" project.  I'm sure many of you know how I love umbrellas and really, really, really wanted to include an umbrella in my project....but....It's been raining a whole lot here in the Northwest.   I mean buckets and buckets.  With that said I wanted to focus on the happy stuff the rain makes happen...GROWING!   My camera is MIA so today I'm using my cell phone and a fabulous app called instagram.  If you haven't checked it out yet you should right after your done creating something fantastic for our linky party!  Here we go.....

I will always love rosettes.  Person who came up with deserve more credit than you get!

This sign has made it's home in my vegetable garden.  It's not even planted yet because of the crazy weather we are having.  I just want to make sure it doesn't snow again.  Right now I'm just battling those darn poky weeds!

Well that's it!  I hope you all like it.  It's a fun addition to my garden!


Brandie said...

So cute Melinda!! I love love love the jute roses!

Krystal said...

way cute Melinda! I love that you included a place to hang your tools. It will be perfect for your garden.

Candace & Nicole said...

Love the twine rosettes and the tool hangers! Hope you get some sunshine and crafting time soon! :)