Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hey all!  It's Melinda from over at Under My Umbrella.  I love the theme of a "family" project.  They are all over my house.  I saw the particular project I created in a magazine and knew at some point I needed to make one.  I sing the song all the time in my house making it something my family knows well.  If you have teenagers in your house you might too :)  I'm also a big Beatles fan!

This project is a breeze!  I know there are tutorial all over online but I will give you my own version.   Grab some 2x4's.  I cut mine 18 inches long and sanded them.

It kinda hurt to paint over this beautiful wood.  I'm still deciding if I should have used the wood to my advantage!   I painted the 2x4s black and let them dry.

I have a vinyl machine so I designed something and applied it to the wood.  I then spray painted over the lettering with spray paint.

After the spray paint dries.   Take off the lettering and sand.  I also glued my 2x4s together with Gorilla glue.

My daughter informed me that you need more than love to live.  She then listed food and water.  I'm well aware!  I just love the saying and think the world would be a better place if we all could love a little more!!


Krystal said...

adorable Melinda! what a fun way to make a sign. I never would have thought to use 2x4's! Very cute!

Candace & Nicole said...

I love it Melinda! I hear ya on painting over great wood...only a wood lover would understand! :)